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Did You Know?

Theres a thousand reasons why you should be thinking about treating your water but the top 3 reasons are PSFS (forever chemicals in your body) have been found in nearly EVERY water sample in the untited states. This is an industry bi product which is a result of the manufacturing of teflon and other manufacturing products.

The Health Keys

Benefits of a Health Keys Water Softener

Hydrated Skin & Hair

Clean Dishes & less Maintenance

Clothes Last Longer

Money Saving

Health Keys Water Softeners

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Captain Series

As low as $.85 per day

The Health Key Guarantee

Greater Savings

Using soft water can cut your soap and detergent costs in half for laundry and personal care.

Increased Appliance Longevity

Cut down on limescale deposits to help your water-using machines operate more smoothly and have a longer life.

Softer Hair and Skin

Enhance the condition of dry skin, fragile hair, and an irritated scalp with each wash.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Trust your neighborhood specialist for complete installation and ongoing maintenance plans.

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Whats Your Water Chemistry Fingerprint?

Every water source has a unique “fingerprint” made up of minerals, contaminants, and chemical levels. Just like no two human fingerprints are alike, the water chemistry in your home is distinct to your specific location and even your particular plumbing. Understanding your water’s unique chemistry fingerprint is crucial for choosing the most effective purification and treatment solutions. That’s why we offer comprehensive water testing services, designed to reveal the exact makeup of your water, so we can tailor a purification system that’s perfect for you.

Frequently asked questions

Hard water is water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium. While not harmful to health, it can cause problems in plumbing and appliances and affect the effectiveness of soaps and detergents.

Hard water can lead to limescale buildup in pipes and appliances, reducing their efficiency and lifespan. It can also make soaps and detergents less effective, leading to skin irritation, dull hair, and dingy laundry.

Softening water specifically targets and removes calcium and magnesium ions to prevent limescale buildup. Filtering water, on the other hand, removes a broader range of contaminants like chlorine, sediment, and potentially harmful chemicals, depending on the filter used.

Water softeners do require regular maintenance, including replenishing the salt in the brine tank and occasional system checks to ensure optimal performance.

The size of your water softener is determined by the hardness level of your water and the daily water usage in your household. We conduct a comprehensive water test and assess your needs to recommend the most efficient system for you.

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