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Health Keys Water Purification & Softening was founded by Captain Lance W. Orton.  He graduated from SUNY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler in 1969.  Rapidly rising through the ranks he was soon in command of supertankers sailing worldwide.  He sailed on American vessels and was selected for a  number of various highly classified missions.  These missions included transporting  confidential cargo such as Abrams tanks and SR fuel supplies for the 71 Blackbird high altitude spy plane.  Throughout his time at sea, he created a magnitude of memories and more recently detailed some of his time as Captain in the book: "Turbulent Seas"

Health Keys Water Purification & Softening 1986

Health Keys Water Purification & Softening was founded by Lance Orton, Mariner and Buffalo native. Water seemed to always surround him not just in the physical properties to float steel ships, but in all important health properties to all life on the planet. Recognizing especially the necessity of water to be pure and unpolluted he founded the company. Starting in his basement, dedication late nights and long days laid the groundwork for later success.

A Growing company 1989

As the market demand grew, Health Keys Water Purification & Softening expanded from a primary drinking water company to a company that was changing to meet the needs of the customers. That's when they started whole house water treatment, UV-light systems and softening systems. Their vision enlarged not only serving municipal water but also a much more complicated well water. Residential was our first customer but then we expanded into the agricultural industry, medical and dental industry, and the commercial car wash industry. Clean purified water has no limitations, people and corporations know the benefits of having pure water for their customers and seek us out to have us help them find solutions for their needs.

Drew W. Orton 2002

The late Drew W. Orton joined his father in the business in a field that they both loved, helping others and making water safe for people to drink and bathe. Drew was a visionary type, and could see where the company should be going and by the means it would take to get there. His hard work ethic and love of people helped him grow the business. This led the father and son team to expand out of the home office to their own warehouse.

Bethany A. Golden 2022

Bethany Golden had the opportunity to sail with her dad at the young age of 11. It was there that she was able to see her dads first hand love of water and the work he did as a Captain of the supertanker. As years went on and she saw her dad in the business, she would always help out with office work. After college she moved to Houston, Texas where she was owner of a company that worked in the offshore oil industry. When her dad asked her to join Health Keys Water Purification & Softening, it was a no brainer. She took on the role and has forged ahead ever since. Her understanding and knowledge of how business operations should be run, have helped the company expand even further.

Diversifying the Product 2023

There is always room for improvement when it comes to business and operations. With that being said, creating our own product line has always been a goal. With Bethany on board it became a reality. Implementing the past work of Lance's maritime career along with new technology and innovations, Health Keys Water Purification & Softening has been able to create a brand new product line called the Captain's Series. This product is now able to reach not just the Buffalo and surrounding areas, but the entire country.

Third Generation 2023

With the growth of the company comes the growth of the family business. Lance W. Orton is excited to have on board his grandchildren, Jake Golden and Brooke Golden. Jake Golden works directly in the field with all the residential and corporate customers working on their water systems. He is set to graduate with an Engineering degree. Brooke Golden works on all social media platforms for the business, while attending Texas A&M University.

Our Commitment

Health Keys Water Purification & Softening is committed to innovation in product design while employing the very highest level of customer service and support. We’ve enjoyed working with our customers over the years, and look forward to partnering with you, in order to ensure that we meet your water treatment needs for your home or business.

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